Welcome to my blog! I love watching other crafty bloggers works in progress and seeing what they’ve created in their galleries.  After months of playing peeping-tom and anonymously spying on everyone else’s work I felt it was high time I did some sharing of my own.  With this in mind, I wholeheartedly welcome you to my galleries (as soon as I figure out how to really set them up).  Check out "la sirena knits" for my fiber exploits and "la sirena de plata" for my husband’s silver jewelry.  Eventually I would like to set up a "mermaids circle gallery" featuring the work of our crafty family and friends and I’m sure "la sirenita", our beloved three year-old will swim into posts as well.  We aren’t really merfolk of course, and truth be told are rarely anywhere near the high seas, but we do have an active imagination and frequently embark on many adventures.