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A belated welcome blackpurl readers!  I realize that my week is probably almost up by now, but for those of you who are slow like me, thanks for stopping by!

I have another small project to share.  It’s sort of a nostalgic project for me.  I first learned to crochet from my aunt who used to crochet amulet bags from embroidery floss. I’m sure neither of us would have imagined twenty years ago that one day I’d be making one to house my cell phone! 



3 projects (or seven depending how you count)

1. A fun family day project at the local museum.  Made by: (clockwise) me, Frida, Carolyn, Jorge


2. Flip-top mittens for afghans. There’s still time to knit something small to send in!  Afghans for Afghans have extended their deadline for knits for schoolkids to July 24th.

I really enjoyed this pattern (by Kim Hamlin in "Handknit Holidays"), a quick knit and very ingeneous; tricky enough to make you feel clever, but easy enough to whip up in an afternoon (or two).

Sitting in: 3. a beaded birdfeeder by Frida and me


Hooray! The new issue of Black purl is up (with a pattern in it by yours truly)

Minerva_001_1 There’s also a pattern for a cute knit top, some nice sock history, and musings on the new and the old in the knitting universe.  And the official call for submissions for the Diabetes Calendar Project.  I am really excited about it.  Not sure why, but I am.  It’s a good thing, as Martha would say.  It’s at the bottom of the page: Helping Hands.  Here’s the link: