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It’s about time for a jewelry post, no?  Jewelry production was put on hold as the workshop was reassembled.  While he was at it, Jorge decided to put his new power tools to work and upgrade the polishing station. 




In the works:


After getting set up and polishing we took the goods out to Wimberly for Market days:



It’s finally finished!  My lacy shawl inspired by last year’s hurricane, victorian mourning practices and Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada’s famous "Catrina."  You can read about it in the next edition of Black Purl, but I can’t resist showing it off a bit now.

I’m not really sure why the pictures are sized this way, but here they are:

Projects_012_1  full view 

Projects_015 the front, I really like the way the crochet stitches from the back panel creep over the shoulders.

Detailskull stitch detail: body knit in "print o’wave", edging in filet crochet.