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Look what arrived in the mail! Beads, beads, beads!

Some for special orders, some just for fun.

Doesn’t the chalk turqouise (apple green) look good enough to eat?


I am so happy that fall has arrived along with cooler weather.  The fall issues of my favorite pattern magazines are up, and visions of knit Christmas presents and fall sweaters dance in my head. 


The pattern for the shawl inspired by my Innana capelet is now available at .  Lorill Anderson did a lovely job extending and adapting the design.  It reminds me of a dream catcher.

The original looked like this:Capelet_004_4 Well, you can’t really see the stars or the ripples, but they are there.


So,… I’ve been trying to get back to some of the projects I had set aside, before jumping into new wintery projects.


After swatching, I decided that there was enough interest in the yarn to forgo the fancy butterfly stitch and a simple mermaid’s tail was born. 

Mermaid_009 I’ve finished the lower section of Teva Durham’s Lacy-leaf pullover.  I knew I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear a bulky weight wool sweater so I chose an light weight breezy cotton blend.  I may have gone too far to the other extreme as I don’t think it will do much for me on a cold night, but I’m enjoying the results nonetheless.  The color is off in the photo, the yarn is actually gray.

Sirena_035 Durrow   I started this sweater (Durrow by Jodi Green for magknits) in the Spring so that I would have plenty of time to finish in time for Jorge’s December birthday.  It sat in my knitting basket all summer.  Time to get back to work!

Projects_043_1Found this yarn on sale for .50 cents a skein at Walmart, perfect for the knitted mermaid tail from Vicie Howell’s "new knits on the block" (surely you saw this project coming). 

Of course, there is the minor detail that the pattern calls for 10 balls of yarn and I could only scrounge up 4 (and not even 4 of the same color).  But I’m not going to let that deter me…yet.

Is it cheating to not post for so long and then make multiple posts on the same day?  Probably, but who’s to stop me?

The weather was finally decent this weekend at Wimberly.  We had a lovely day, and I returned with a large bag full of vintage tablecloth bounty.  Who can resist hand-worked cross-stitch and knotted lace at $5 dollars a pound?

Projects_036 Projects_039 Projects_038

On the left: blue table-cloth with inset lace.  Vintage rose-bud print.  Puff-paint imitation embroidery in cheerful designs. 

In the mirror Jorge assembled, carved and stained: Knotted lace table-cloth and Round basket liner with crocheted edge.

Right: cross-stitched roses..sigh

Well, I’m so far behind in my posts I decided it was a good time to review my proposed projects for August and see where I stand.  Interestingly, I notice a pronounced (and totally unconscious) "knitting for the greater good" theme:

*Finish my Katrina shawl.     -Done! See below and upcoming issue of black purl.

* Design knit and submit pattern for’s chemo cap challenge.   – sort of done, not…            I was inspired by Ann’s original design (below left) in honor of her mother and the construction reminded me of traditional Latin American women’s ribbon braided hairstyles. 

Espritturban_figure3 Projects_017 Projects_020 

But, in the finished result the fit wasn’t quite right and I was left with an annoying extra flap of fabric at the top of the seem.  Couldn’t resolve in time for closing deadline.  Will have to work out later. 

Maybe just as well, I originally envisioned a collaborative project in crochet.  Friends could gather and crochet chained "strands of hair" from meaningful strands of thread to a crocheted cap base and then braid them together with blessings for the recipient.  (So technically, I guess these two projects are still on the drafting board)

*Design and crochet submission for "Brown Sugar" diabetes project.  Almost done! Not as elaborate a submission as I would have liked, but it will do. Thank goodness L’Tanya extended the deadline to give us a few extra days!

*Knit a vest for Afghani schoolchildren (You laugh?  I was serious.  OK, totally unrealistic but at least the intentions were there. I even scouted thrift-stores for wool to reclaim.  Of course, not even thrift stores are selling wool sweaters in 100+ degree weather!)

Oh my, how time flies.  Where to begin?  How about some mommy and me projects?

Projects_016  Three of Five play-dough cakes (Frida was emphatic that we make FIVE, splayed palm outstretched for clarification).  We were disappointed that the color red was conspicuously absent from our box of food coloring, but on the bright side, we entirely avoided the inevitable muddy colors that often are the result of a long days play with play-dough.

Projects_042  I think this is one craft I never did as a child.  You arrange plastic beads on a pegboard and later iron them together.  Great for hand-eye coordination and practicing making patterns.  I was enthusiastic.  So was Frida.  The suggested use is as sort of ornamental sun catchers, but Frida, a true textile lover’s daughter, immediately put them to use as carpets for her dolls. (Did I mention that the psychedelic colors glow in the dark? he he)

Projects_025 Popsicle stick sponge-bed for Madeline.  Of course, now Addy wants one too.