Oh my, how time flies.  Where to begin?  How about some mommy and me projects?

Projects_016  Three of Five play-dough cakes (Frida was emphatic that we make FIVE, splayed palm outstretched for clarification).  We were disappointed that the color red was conspicuously absent from our box of food coloring, but on the bright side, we entirely avoided the inevitable muddy colors that often are the result of a long days play with play-dough.

Projects_042  I think this is one craft I never did as a child.  You arrange plastic beads on a pegboard and later iron them together.  Great for hand-eye coordination and practicing making patterns.  I was enthusiastic.  So was Frida.  The suggested use is as sort of ornamental sun catchers, but Frida, a true textile lover’s daughter, immediately put them to use as carpets for her dolls. (Did I mention that the psychedelic colors glow in the dark? he he)

Projects_025 Popsicle stick sponge-bed for Madeline.  Of course, now Addy wants one too.