Well, I’m so far behind in my posts I decided it was a good time to review my proposed projects for August and see where I stand.  Interestingly, I notice a pronounced (and totally unconscious) "knitting for the greater good" theme:

*Finish my Katrina shawl.     -Done! See below and upcoming issue of black purl.

* Design knit and submit pattern for Elann.com’s chemo cap challenge.   – sort of done, not…            I was inspired by Ann’s original design (below left) in honor of her mother and the construction reminded me of traditional Latin American women’s ribbon braided hairstyles. 

Espritturban_figure3 Projects_017 Projects_020 

But, in the finished result the fit wasn’t quite right and I was left with an annoying extra flap of fabric at the top of the seem.  Couldn’t resolve in time for closing deadline.  Will have to work out later. 

Maybe just as well, I originally envisioned a collaborative project in crochet.  Friends could gather and crochet chained "strands of hair" from meaningful strands of thread to a crocheted cap base and then braid them together with blessings for the recipient.  (So technically, I guess these two projects are still on the drafting board)

*Design and crochet submission for "Brown Sugar" diabetes project.  Almost done! Not as elaborate a submission as I would have liked, but it will do. Thank goodness L’Tanya extended the deadline to give us a few extra days!

*Knit a vest for Afghani schoolchildren (You laugh?  I was serious.  OK, totally unrealistic but at least the intentions were there. I even scouted thrift-stores for wool to reclaim.  Of course, not even thrift stores are selling wool sweaters in 100+ degree weather!)