I am so happy that fall has arrived along with cooler weather.  The fall issues of my favorite pattern magazines are up, and visions of knit Christmas presents and fall sweaters dance in my head. 


The pattern for the shawl inspired by my Innana capelet is now available at elann.com:  http://secure.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=173024 .  Lorill Anderson did a lovely job extending and adapting the design.  It reminds me of a dream catcher.

The original looked like this:Capelet_004_4 Well, you can’t really see the stars or the ripples, but they are there.


So,… I’ve been trying to get back to some of the projects I had set aside, before jumping into new wintery projects.


After swatching, I decided that there was enough interest in the yarn to forgo the fancy butterfly stitch and a simple mermaid’s tail was born. 

Mermaid_009 I’ve finished the lower section of Teva Durham’s Lacy-leaf pullover.  I knew I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear a bulky weight wool sweater so I chose an light weight breezy cotton blend.  I may have gone too far to the other extreme as I don’t think it will do much for me on a cold night, but I’m enjoying the results nonetheless.  The color is off in the photo, the yarn is actually gray.

Sirena_035 Durrow   I started this sweater (Durrow by Jodi Green for magknits) in the Spring so that I would have plenty of time to finish in time for Jorge’s December birthday.  It sat in my knitting basket all summer.  Time to get back to work!