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You might be thinking these projects are a little out of season.

We also had that thought…

but didn’t let that stop us.

Pumpkin_4 Cama_003_2


Actually I wasn’t really speaking of pumpkins was I?  I was complaining about how difficult it is to nicely photograph silver.  These Rosaries, for a special order, were especially hard to photograph and we haven’t even completed the one made entirely of silver beads.

Jewelry_023_1  Jewelry_042

    Lapiz Lazuli                    Jade

We carved our first pumpkin of the season today. 

We’ll see how long it lasts in this heat.

PS: 48 hours.  Good thing I took pictures.


And you thought photographing knits was hard!  I always conveniently forget how difficult it is to photograph silver until it’s time to do it again.  You can’t have too much light because then there’s a glare.  Not enough light and it looks dull.  Too far away and you may as well be taking pictures of insects.  Too close and it’s all a blur.  You get the idea.

That said.  I did get some passable pictures of most of the rings from J’s newest batch.


You can see the rest in the "rings" gallery to the right.  Check it out.

Then contact us with your order!:)

More goodies in the mail!

Just look at this gorgeous hand-dyed wool yarn which arrived today!Bday_050_1

Thank you L’Tanya!!!!

Now what to make?  This yarn makes me want to write a short story it seems so bursting with personality.  I may just have to artfully display it for a while as its true character unfolds…