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Knitting_046 I’ve always loved Mexican folk dances for many reasons, not least among them: the costumes!  I am thrilled at how many performances we’ve been able to see now that we are closer to the border. 

I found these costumes, and the performance by a local group of 3-5 year olds, to be breathtaking.

The girls performed several dances from Southern Mexico.  The costumes are inspired by traditional dance costumes from the region.  The introduction of the sewing machine and machine embroidery to Mexico at the turn of the century coupled with a strong nationalist movement which glorified Mexico’s regional folk life contributed to the development of various nationally recognized elaborate dance costumes representing different regions of Mexico.


Lacy_leaf_pullover_002 Finally a finished object!  …and a sweater no less!  Here is my lacy leaf pullover, yes, you know the one by Teva Durham from "loop d’loop".  I went out on a bit of a limb with my yarn choice (Vision by ON-line a cotton blend ordered on impulse from the Internet without ever having seen much less fondled this particular airy tape yarn ever before…daring you say? or out of my mind?) 

I was looking for something that would match the gauge but would have less bulk and that I could wear for more than about two days of the year in South Texas.  I’m pretty pleased with the results considering.  It is a little bit more transparent than I would have liked and the knit fabric does have a way of gathering in as the day wears on so that by the end of the day I seem to be wearing three-quarter sleeves, but even that doesn’t bother me.  And yes, as you probably noticed, it is not quite finished.  It still needs a bit of tucking and a button added at the shoulder seem.  But all in all.  I’m pretty pleased. 

That lovely foliage by the way (behind the sweater), are the tomato plants and a bit of marigold.

So you may be thinking dear friends, that a post of my new boots does not really count as a creative, much less crafty contribution, even if there is some vibrant cross-stitch in the frame.June_019_2 You see, to me these boots are a call to adventure (and I am not even talking about the height of the heels on these boots).  They conjure an image in a recent (Vogue?) knitting magazine of an elegant booted leg displaying a knee high black knit stocking with a delicate and sensous red rose climbing up the calf.  They cry for an adventure in world folk-sock kniting and I have just the book to get me started:


"Ethnic Socks and Stockings" by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.

Of course, there would have to be a lot of knitting before the fabulous patterns on these folk socks could peak out over the tops of these boots, but I still think it would be worth it.

Knowing the length of my knitting queue and the minimal amount of time I seem to spend oSocks_001_1n knitting these days, it might be best for me to stick with something like these cuffs from the latest issue of piecework.  I think you are supposed to wear "cuffs" peaking out from the edge of your sleeves, but I think that with a few extra stitches they would look pretty fab around the tops of my boots as well 🙂

Altar_1Dia de los muertos has come and gone.  Feels as though, I barely had time to put the altar up and now it is time to take it down again.  We went to a lovely parade and celebration downtown, which included folkloric dances from Mexico with the opening dance being "las bordadoras" (the embroideresses) with each girl holding an embroidery hoop and mock stitching as she danced.  Too bad the photos didn’t turn out better, it was beautiful. 


This is also the day I have to release my good intentions of frantically knitting for Afghans, as the deadline for shipments this year has officially passed.  I send my good wishes.

My article in black purl is also know officially up, has been up actually for the past few days, but here is the link: