Lacy_leaf_pullover_002 Finally a finished object!  …and a sweater no less!  Here is my lacy leaf pullover, yes, you know the one by Teva Durham from "loop d’loop".  I went out on a bit of a limb with my yarn choice (Vision by ON-line a cotton blend ordered on impulse from the Internet without ever having seen much less fondled this particular airy tape yarn ever before…daring you say? or out of my mind?) 

I was looking for something that would match the gauge but would have less bulk and that I could wear for more than about two days of the year in South Texas.  I’m pretty pleased with the results considering.  It is a little bit more transparent than I would have liked and the knit fabric does have a way of gathering in as the day wears on so that by the end of the day I seem to be wearing three-quarter sleeves, but even that doesn’t bother me.  And yes, as you probably noticed, it is not quite finished.  It still needs a bit of tucking and a button added at the shoulder seem.  But all in all.  I’m pretty pleased. 

That lovely foliage by the way (behind the sweater), are the tomato plants and a bit of marigold.