Thats right, I said gifts, so if you are a member of my family, please go browse somebody else’s blog until after X-mas, or New Years ..or 3 Kings day.  OR read along and see that you are both in my thoughts and on the tips of my needles and though I am bit disorganized, I really do desire to drape you all in my warm and fuzzy hand knit gifts.

That said, day before yesterday I broke down and went back out for store bought gifts after having an epiphany to the tune of "there is no way I will finish all the "little" hand knit projects I had in mind this year by Christmas, or even by the end of the year". 

This was after coming to the realization that just a bit over a week shy of Christmas I have a grand total of a sock and half knit.  And, no it is not the argyle sock.  I thought maybe I should warm up with a simpler sock while I puzzled out the details.   

Knit_gifts_009_3 Knit_gifts_007_1

Here’s the completed sock.  Knit in Knitpicks gloss (a merino/ silk blend and yes, it is as luxurious as it sounds) on size 3 needles. Made up pattern, using a simple slip stitch diagonal pattern within a 3 stitch ribbed pattern.  I wanted a pattern that was classic and manly but also interesting.    I’m most satisfied with the result.

Nevertheless, it has been a long time since I worked size 3 needles and its been slower going than I thought a project of this size would be.

So, I went out to get some of this and that for those relatives whose presents are still nothing more than a ball of yarn (and no they don’t knit). 

I really had no intention of buying more yarn.  Really.  But then a lovely blend of glowing earth tones and blues and grays caught tugged at my peripheral vision.  Patons, no less was offering a wool soy fiber blend of cool shadows over a golden ground.   I couldn’t resist.  This was just the stuff I was hoping to find for my father’s fingerless gloves.   Despite, still not having finished my other 1/2 sock, I cast on. 

I love, love, love it.  The way the colors seamlessly blend one into the other, the worsted gauge, the soft glow (OK, the yarn is a tad bit itchy, but even this feels right in this yarn).   I imagine clouds passing over a field of grains: wheat or oats maybe.

The yarn’s name? SWS (soy wool stripes), not the most evocative name, but perhaps the people at patons thought the yarn would speak for itself.