Oh my! It has been a while and I have lots of catching up to do.  We went home to Mexico for X-mas and well… time flies.  (More on the outcome of winter gifts later).  For now I’m going to share some of our new year crafts.  The ones that sprung forth out of that new years spirit to clean out last year’s clutter and put the right foot forward for the new year.  For us this year, they include:

a shelf for Frida’s room made by her very own Papa mouse:Ice_008_2

She wasted no time in personalizing it.  After months of longly watching those TV do-it-yourselfers merrily paint, draw and stamp on all those surfaces we are taught never to mess with, she gleefully jumped at the chance to make her mark on a piece of furniture that is truly her own.  Ice_0092


The little bumps on either side of these guys are wings by the way.

For my part I made some pillow cases for the cushions for the bench by the door.  I had envisioned ethnic prints on all our cushions, but J loves luxurious looking cushions and I have to admit they are growing on me(…and I think I’ll still get to do ethnic on the sofa) Pillows

J also felt inspired to try his hand at painting this week.  He painted this small photograph-inspired-landscape over the weekend in acrylic on canvas.  Ice_007_1

And …not to leave out knitting: The winter’s edition of black purl is up.  Featuring an article and pattern by yours truly: http://www.black-purl-magazine.com/WIN07-ARTsisterhood.htm