afghans for Afghans newest call for hand knit donations for the people of Afghanistan reminded me of one of my daughter’s favorite children’s books: "Caps for Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina. 

The hats are going to be distributed in Afghanistan by the Afghan Mini Circus, a really neat non-profit training Afghani children in the art of performance to teach others about all sorts of things (from avoiding local land mines to sharing Afghani culture internationally) through their performances.  Here’s a nice story on the project from NPR.

http://www.npr. org/templates/ story/story. php?storyId= 6930533

Of course, I immediately wanted to knit a whimsical hat in each of the colors requested and stack them all on my head at once like the peddler man in Esphyr’s story. 


I knit this hat while doing other things around the house yesterday, like trying to catch up with my email and watching movies in the dark, so it not as creative as it was in my minds eye and will probably be the only hat I end up knitting for this project.   It is a lovely vibrant red though, and very warm soft wool too.