Perhaps inspired by some of the jewelry and metal work we saw at the San Antonio Museum of Art this past weekend Including:

"Large Tibetan Collar" by Barbara Natoli Witt, part of a current exhibit of her work inspired by ancient cultures

Photo13_1 Her pieces made me see macrame in a whole new light! All her pieces were gorgeous, exquisitely crafted and as different from each other as the cultures that inspired them. 

You can link to a description of the exhibit and more images of her art below.

Of course the man in our crew was more attracted to the weapons:


These are diamond encrusted. Yep, all that white glittery stuff…  talk about your bling!

Frida was particularly taken by an ancient Mediterranean necklace of tiny effervescent blown glass amphorae, which unfortunately, did not photograph well.

So… I don’t know if all this had anything to with anything, but I couldn’t help but notice that at long last, we have a new line-up of stones on the workbench.  Rhodocrosite_016

Among others in the lineup: opals, onix, rhodocrosite, turquoise, and bloodstone.   Stay tuned…