These projects have actually been finished.  But I haven’t taken the finished photos yet.


Some left over wood flooring inspired this table/"entertainment center" (TV goes above, cds, board games and art supplies below)       Don’t worry, my knitting supplies have their own shelf.  The finished product has dark wood along the front as well..and maybe..a door on the right hand side?

A new line of rings (pun intended, see below) begins to take shape. I’ll be posting the finished rings throughout the course of the week on etsy.



And…last but not least… the crowing moment of the week.  Frida learns embroidery.  I was so pleased.  She really put her full concentration into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. A half hour later she had a beautfully embroidered letter F.  A couple of hours after that it had been stained.  I panicked and scrubbed vigourously at the fabric.  The spots came out.  So did the pink dye in the fabric. 😦   Maybe I could pretend its a tye-dye effect…maybe I could get her to do another one….sigh…Vday_anillos_007 Fembroidery

As for me… I didn’t do much beyond this coloring project…Frida helpedVday_anillos_028