Vday_012I’ve been feeling ready to pick up some of the abandoned projects from my knitting basket. 

I was especially ambitious last year and bought yarn, made sketches, cast on for all sorts of big projects, some of which materialized and many more of which were abandoned, put on hold or transformed.  There were several that started to feel like they would never be more than knitting exercises, knit rows would materialize and be pulled back, never quite right, not ready to emerge.

But just as I was ready to pull some of them out and tackle them again- some of the Spring projects as we move back into Spring- I got an email that afhgans for Afghan’s needs socks for kids. 

I turned to my stash and out came the fiery pink toed socks. These were so much fun that I decided to do a pair with my cool colored scraps as well.

These aren’t the first things I’ve knit this year, but they feel like the kick off for a new knitting season.  Ready, set, knit!