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I haven’t done much knitting but I sure have done a lot of casting on in the past couple of weeks! New Spring/Summer projects have been sprouting all over the place.  I’ve been sowing the seeds, but  will any of these cast-ons bear fruit?

Cast_on_006 Cast_on_007 Cast_on_008

From top to bottom:

Rowan Linen-Print (yes, again!) in double crochet

Knitpicks Shine (100% cotton)

Worsted Cotton from a yarn shop in New Orleans. I think it’s Brazilian.  I’ve lost the tag. is a lovely shop that gives out wonderfully useful drawstring plastic bags with purchases, clearly with the knitter in mind.  I’ve kept all mine and still use them (it’s been over a year now).  They’re great for knitting on the go.

What pray tell will these seedling projects mature too?  That’s a story for another post… 


Ladybird_wildlife_006_2 We visited the  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center this past weekend  it was lovely, and had some nice stony landscape architecture including a spiral lookout and an aqueduct that feeds into a small pond.  I took these pictures there.  But the lovely truth is, there are wildflowers everywhere these days, and I’d just as soon enjoy them by the side of the road for free. 


I wish I could go see the "Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting" exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York next weekend, but I’ll have to content myself with browsing their wonderful website instead ( .

The teacher’s resource packet, for instance is chock full of neat information (images from the exhibit with descriptions of the artist’s process and thought provoking questions, a brief knitting and lace history, links and resources, finger knitting tutorial from, curriculum ideas etc..)

I love these teeny-tiny gloves (I like itsy-bitsy things in general, but I would like these even if they were regular sized).  Not to mention some of the inspiring non-knit pieces from other exhibitions.

Althea20merback Ch_art_3 Kimono_1 Beyond_1

Althea Merbuck "Gloves"; Richard Zane Smith "Untitled Vessel"; Yvonne Bonella "Snow on Mt. Fuji"; Diane Itter "Southern Borders"


Well, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, having a completed object to post today.  Then I peaked at some of my favorite weblogs and saw intricate fair-isle and cabled sweaters, cobweb shawls, knit blankets, published books… suddenly my not-so-good-picture of a knit raglan t-shirt in chunky yarn (not to mention my not-so-svelt phisyque)  seem to loose a little bit of lustre.

But just for a second…  Because I love finishing things.  I love when knitting is totally relaxing and involves no math and still results in a wearable garment.  I love the yarn (rowan linen-print), soft and summery, just wild enough to be interesting and daring but unpretentious and sit-in-your-favorite-rocker-on-the-front-porch-and-knit-comfy at the same time, (not that I have a rocker or a front porch, but that won’t stop me from getting comfy and knitting).