Easter_010My outdoor plans were foiled by cold wet weather and my daughter’s refusal to wear a sweater, so we went to town with the easter dye.  We dyed eggs and yarn and our fingers.  We baked and made fresh aloe gel from the pieces of the aloe that fell of when we moved it to a bigger pot; we talked to Aunts and Grandmas; we took turns hunting and hiding eggs indoors. 

And the weekend’s not over yet!  Now that the sun is out, (sort of) it’s time to pack up our egg sandwiches and go!

Easter_009 It seemed a shame to throw away all that easter dye, so we used the left overs and did some experimenting in dying yarn guided by Julie Theaker’s helpful Knitty article on dying yarn with food coloring http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/FEATdyeyourown.html.  I’m quite pleased with the results.  Thanks Julie!


And last but not least a finished object: I may still modify the neckline, but I’m quite pleased with the lacy ribbing at the bottom and the stripeyness throughout.