VdayI feel a bit guilty now that I realize I never posted this wonderful gift from my "heart of exchange" pal.  I felt as though I did because I took the picture right away, but never managed to post it seems. 

I’d admired the pattern on interweave web site, and this inspired me to finally try one for myself.  For my first attempt on the left, I thougt I would be clever and use some hemp twine from my basket, but the gauge was off and it was hard on the fingers so I bound off after 6 squares, stuffed with cotton and chammomile and crocheted the edges shut.


My second attempt on the right, makes use of the easter egg yarn we dyed, but I’m not sure about color placement, and frankly, this project isn’t quite as thrilling as I thought it would be.  I may frog the whole thing and make a stripey lacy scarf instead, or some socks or a doll hat.  After all I still have the original from Evelyn which I love, love, love(and who, by the way, has just finished a gorgeous lace shawl), and you know what they say "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" or something like that…