Where has the last month gone?  I couldn’t tell you, and for the most part I have been up to the same old mischeif.  Casting on, *running into trouble, ripping back, reknitting, running into the same or other sorts of trouble. Deciding this needs more thought to resolve than I can give it right now.  Setting the problem aside, casting on, repeat from* about 4 or 5 times.  So what do I have to show for it my friends?

Ideas_032 1.) I reknit my easy breazy raglan-T from the underarms down for a better fit and now it actually  has curves.  (Check out the earings from seeds picked up here and there on walks this Spring.)  They bring me great joy. Also check out this interesting Herbalgram article on botanical jewelry if you are so inclined.

2.) I reknit the neckline to the pink variagated tank I knit for Frida earlier this Spring and wrote up the pattern for blackpurl (hence no pictures, you’ll have to wait for the summer issue).

3.) My "generous crocheted swatches" continue to languish, due to the fact that I did not think to measure fully blocked pieces and they are now all too big.  Some artful draping reveals potential, but still… too big.

Mosiac_080 Mosiac_085_2 Ideas_044_2

4.) In a burst of inspiration after elann.com’s debut of Adara and its rainbow colorway, I decided to finally knit Victorian Lace Shawl which I had long admired.  Unforetunately I haven’t been able to get a hang of the pattern.  I’ve reknit several sections as many as 3 times, knit blithly on through various errors, marveling at the beauty of the yarn and the overall pattern, which does somewhat resemble the original if you squint.  I think its time to give up though, now that I’m halfway through.  The yarn is so lovely but it obscures the fussyness of the pattern (in this case to my advantage) but I feel like I’m short changing them both and should just pick a simpler pattern.  Perhaps the Camila Flower Pattern Shawl,which I have also long admired.  I really do like knitting with this yarn so I won’t mind doing it all again.

Ideas_033 Ideas_041_4

And yet… before I can fix all these mistakes… I’ve been called to cast on again (yes, I truly am hopeless)…

Mystery Stole 3 is about to begin!