I have to admit that I was starting to get nervous with anticipation… and even more so after looking at some of my fellow blogger’s swatches.  My yarn overs looked too big by comparison, though I liked the sea foam like quality, I worried they would produce a poor shawl. 

After seeing the first clue, I was even more nervous. The charted pattern is gorgeous, but looks very complex, it doesn’t even fit on one page! I’m so glad I decided not to try and do the beads.    Ms3

Casting on was another matter: the pattern instructions are very clear and the charted pattern follows an internal logic.  I think the yarn looks just fine (though it’s not properly blocked of course).  Hats off to Melanie, so far so great!

The knit portion above only represents chart A (the bottom point) I still have 2/3rds of clue 1 left to knit)