and so much has transpired in-between, but for now I’ll stick with knitting news:

I finished my 7-chakra shawl, so called, because it is knit in 7 vibrant colors and it helped me to focus on and visualize healing energy during our many visits to doctors and dentist’s offices over the summer.

It is still in the process of fully blocking, but here are the preliminary photos: Knits_009 Knits_008


Now that summer is almost over, the sun finally came out and I decided it was time I joined the lampshade clan.  The pattern is from the spring/summer 2007 issue of "knit simple".  The yarn was reclaimed from another well intentioned crochet project. Very nice coverage from the sun and yet it still showcases my lovely new earrings by my very own in-house designer (I had him make an extra pair, available on etsy for those of you who are interested.