Knits_012_4 MS3: The last clue was posted last week and I am at the very most, halfway through, I was on a roll for the first few clues, but then fell hopelessly behind after trying to fix a very conspicuous error at the end of clue 3.  After knitting a portion of clue 3 and the 1st half of clue 4 several times without any improvements, (if anything I made things worse).  I determined to plow on (I’d noticed several other errors that had escaped my attention further down as well) and officially abandoned perfection.

I managed to catch up again for clue 5, but was nearing knitterly burn-out and then… the theme was revealed: swan lake.  The other half of the stole was to be a swan’s wing and I was re-enamored.  But I stopped knitting, because I didn’t have time or the will for such focused knitting and because I couldn’t decide if this would mean I should lengthen my stole, or maybe do a symmetrical one (much as I love the idea of the swan wings).  So here it is unfinished.

There are some beautiful pictures of finished stoles on the yahoo-group, I hope no one minds that I’m sharing some of the ones that most inspired me here for those of you not in the group (if you do just let me know)14ea .78df 551a      

I love the way the wing looks draped across the shoulder in the first photo (courtesy of modestine07), the second one (by christinacote27)  makes me wish I’d knit mine in larger gauge, but who knows, maybe heavy blocking will get me there ?(mine is currently very scarf-like).  While the third shows a gorgeous and ingenious join for a symmetrical version (by djgeddis).