We’ve got some new neigbhors.  They’re weavers, and they look a bit intimidating to me. Ms. Argiope Aurantia, or Yellow Garden Spider and her sister have camped out on our window frames (you can tell they are females because of their size).  They are orb-weavers and set up pretty impressive  3-4 ft webs fairly quickly. The heavy zig-zag line along the sill is actually a woven part of the web, the stabilimentum, which may be there to add stability to the web, to help camouflage the spider, or draw prey in.  I don’t know about the camouflage, but Ms. Aurantia was just having lunch when we dropped by.

We deftly slipped inside and quietly called the landlord about the possibility of relocating the Aurantia sisters.  Though I do appreciate having weavers in the neighborhood, and the spiders are also known as writer spiders which is also a pastime I admire… perhaps I’m more territorial than I let on and I’d prefer to keep at least 10 ft distance between their webs and my front door, even if they aren’t venomous.

Safely inside, with one eye on the crack between the door, not that I think either of the Aurantia sisters could fit mind you, they’re rather, shall I say, well endowed…? I knit the final stitches of my baby eyelet cardigan courtesy of the folks at lionbrand, though as usual I didn’t manage to quite follow the pattern.  This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to matching dye lots in the store but catch it in time to incorporate it into the design and pretend it was the plan all along.  Now to find the perfect button.  Or Ribbon?