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Rogue_003I made some satisfying progress on the transition from yoke to hood on "Rogue".Rogue_005

And finished off a crocheted hat made of odd ends for afghans for Afghans.  The buttons have gone on the "in-vest in peace" vest and they’re ready to mail.


I’ve been wanting to knit Rogue for my sister for years (yes, sadly this is not an exageration), but there was never the time, or the perfect affordable yarn, and I was a bit intimidated by the 20 page pattern which at times requires reading three pages at the same time to know what you are doing.  Then I met a girl who had actually knit the sweater (beautifully, though in a tweedy yarn that kind of obscured the cables- mental note to self) and was wearing it casually, she said it wasn’t so hard, and she was thinking of knitting herself another as she loved it so much and hers was getting nappy with wear.  So I bought the pattern.  2 years later… I found the perfect yarn, a car accident provided me with lots of knitting time and my sister is turning twenty and moving to Europe.  No more excuses: it’s time for rogue to take shape. 

Here’s what I have so far (sorry it’s not a clearer image):Rogue_002  I thought the cable pattern at the bottom was lovely, until I got to the cables under the arms and realized what they are "really" supposed to look like.  I still think the cable pattern at the bottom looks lovely, and now I can say I’ve "personalized" the sweater right?

Now on to the hood!


I felt drawn to this candle image of St. Clare at the supermarket today, even though I couldn’t fully remember what St. Clare was about other than being the patron saint of television (because when she became too ill to attend mass she was said to miraculously see images of mass projected on her wall) and guessed from her name and the image that she has something to do with clarity and light, which is why I was drawn to the image I think.  She seems so peaceful and yet so focused on nurturing and offering up the light, so quietly centered and powerful with rays radiating out from behind her.  As it turns out, she is also the patron saint of embroiderers.  Apparently there is no Saint specific to knitting, but St. Clare and St. Anne both seem like good candidates.  St. Anne is also the patron St. for lace makers, wool carders and embroiderers as well.

Slipper_schematic_024I finished an "investing in peace" vest for afghans for Afghans yesterday.  Now I just need buttons.  The color pattern was a little bold, but I wanted to use up my wool scraps as we have so few opportunities to wear wool here, and this is a worthy cause.   Hopefully, St. Clare would have approved.

Knitting_002  A silly girl models the (almost) finished green sweater, knit in Knitpicks Shine worsted in a pattern I made up as I went along.  The (almost) part is that the finishing around the zipper needs to be perfected.  There’s some buckling now, and the top peeks out a bit more than I’d like, but other than that, I’m pretty pleased.

Knitting This one’s from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Also an enjoyable and quick knit, but Garterlac still takes the crown for me.

Moms_photos_278I finally got the bumblebee to stand still long enough to try the sweater, which I’d been rushing to finish because all of her current sweaters have 3/4" sleeves and:  well… negative ease was not what I intended for this sweater.  I do still have the front "button bands" (though this will be a zip up sweater) to add on, and the purl stitches around the cables will stretch out of course, once properly blocked, but it looks like I will definitely need to lengthen the sleeves as they are "just right" as is.  Maybe I can still "fix it" so that it will last through the year.  Or I could resign myself to having knit a seasonal sweater that fits "just right"… or I could rip the whole thing back and begin again..sigh. 

Web Another member of the Aurantia clan has joined us.  She set up her web in reverse, giving me this clearer view of the "writerly" portion of the web.

In knitting news I’ve joined black purl’s dishcloth swap, and no sooner had I produced my first dishcloth (on the right) when my daughter proclaimed it a perfect doll blanket and claimed it as her own. 

Moms_photos_276_2 Unfazed, I moved on to the garterlac dishcloth. (on the left).  I love this pattern.  The way the patterns and colors magically come together.  This may be my "ball band dishrag", the pattern that can be worked over and over just for the joy of seeing what all you can do with color, to marvel at the cleverness of it all.   It looks much harder than it is, all those diagonals!  All those color changes! While the reality is garter stitch and one continuous strand of variegated cotton.