Web Another member of the Aurantia clan has joined us.  She set up her web in reverse, giving me this clearer view of the "writerly" portion of the web.

In knitting news I’ve joined black purl’s dishcloth swap, and no sooner had I produced my first dishcloth (on the right) when my daughter proclaimed it a perfect doll blanket and claimed it as her own. 

Moms_photos_276_2 Unfazed, I moved on to the garterlac dishcloth. (on the left).  I love this pattern.  The way the patterns and colors magically come together.  This may be my "ball band dishrag", the pattern that can be worked over and over just for the joy of seeing what all you can do with color, to marvel at the cleverness of it all.   It looks much harder than it is, all those diagonals!  All those color changes! While the reality is garter stitch and one continuous strand of variegated cotton.