I felt drawn to this candle image of St. Clare at the supermarket today, even though I couldn’t fully remember what St. Clare was about other than being the patron saint of television (because when she became too ill to attend mass she was said to miraculously see images of mass projected on her wall) and guessed from her name and the image that she has something to do with clarity and light, which is why I was drawn to the image I think.  She seems so peaceful and yet so focused on nurturing and offering up the light, so quietly centered and powerful with rays radiating out from behind her.  As it turns out, she is also the patron saint of embroiderers.  Apparently there is no Saint specific to knitting, but St. Clare and St. Anne both seem like good candidates.  St. Anne is also the patron St. for lace makers, wool carders and embroiderers as well.

Slipper_schematic_024I finished an "investing in peace" vest for afghans for Afghans yesterday.  Now I just need buttons.  The color pattern was a little bold, but I wanted to use up my wool scraps as we have so few opportunities to wear wool here, and this is a worthy cause.   Hopefully, St. Clare would have approved.