I’ve been wanting to knit Rogue for my sister for years (yes, sadly this is not an exageration), but there was never the time, or the perfect affordable yarn, and I was a bit intimidated by the 20 page pattern which at times requires reading three pages at the same time to know what you are doing.  Then I met a girl who had actually knit the sweater (beautifully, though in a tweedy yarn that kind of obscured the cables- mental note to self) and was wearing it casually, she said it wasn’t so hard, and she was thinking of knitting herself another as she loved it so much and hers was getting nappy with wear.  So I bought the pattern.  2 years later… I found the perfect yarn, a car accident provided me with lots of knitting time and my sister is turning twenty and moving to Europe.  No more excuses: it’s time for rogue to take shape. 

Here’s what I have so far (sorry it’s not a clearer image):Rogue_002  I thought the cable pattern at the bottom was lovely, until I got to the cables under the arms and realized what they are "really" supposed to look like.  I still think the cable pattern at the bottom looks lovely, and now I can say I’ve "personalized" the sweater right?

Now on to the hood!