My progress on the sleeves has been slower than I would like.  At least I am doing both at the same timeRogue_029.  But just when I was starting to feel like I can never quite finish what I start…Rogue_027

This arrived.  The 2008 "Crochet a day Calendar", featuring one of my patterns on January 16th.  I had originally designed the basket for the BlackPurl Magazine Diabetes awareness calendar and submitted for this instead shortly after it was clear that the BlackPurl calendar wasn’t quite ready to materialize yet.

I have to admit I’ve always been a bit sceptical about these sort of calendars and expected to see mostly cell phone cosies and the like, and there are a few of these, and there are also quite a few patterns that can be found for free online elsewhere, but overall the quality and variety of the patterns greatly exceeded my expectations.  And I love the idea of being inspired by a new crochet "thought" of the day.  I will definitely be contributing to next year’s calendar and hope that you all do the same!  There’s a knitting calendar also (at the same site, don’t worry I gave the right link), and I bet it’s got even more diverse and wonderful content than the crochet calendar, but come on lets give those knitters some competition!

Knitting_010_2 In the same vein, my sequined slipper pattern is now up at Black Purl, along with a brief history (of sequins that is) and some other wonderful articles, including a fab article about Turkish knitting accompanied by an equally fab TurKish hat, but I won’t spoil all the fun surprises, go check it out yourself!