I finished the knitting on Rogue on Monday and finished blocking and seaming on Wednesday. (Sorry, no pictures I want the finished object to be a "surprise" ).  I also fixed the zipper on the cabled cardigan yesterday, so now I feel free to start new things.* I have a project proposal I want to send off to knitscene next week and some Christmas knitting to catch up on.  There are exactly 3 weeks until my other sister’s birthday which may be enough time to start and come close to finishing the vest she has requested (if I can figure out the pattern first).  This seems a bit iffy, as I have other deadline knitting during this interval as well, so I’m not making any promises.

*It is true that I haven’t finished the Mystery Stole.  I felt not twinge of guilt about this as it is not Christmas gift and I have every intention of finishing in the Spring.  Then the Yarn Harlot finished hers… with beads…and I felt a twinge of guilt.  Thank goodness she doesn’t have a finished objects list on her sidebar, she seems to finish more in a month than I do in a year!

And now, so as not to  eave this a pictureless post:Untitled

I am completely in awe of this weaving.  I found it doing an image search on google one day earlier this year.  It had no subtitle, so I have no information on provenance.  If anyone knows who the artist is I’d love to know.