Oct. 27th- I was caught by surprise… and arrived at the scene of Austin’s annual day of the dead parade, this year celebrating Frida Kahlo’s 100th birthday, sans costume, sans camera and with a car full of groceries that had to be whisked home shortly after the procession.   And so it is that you will have to imagine the sight of the 6 foot paper-mache bust of Frida with enormous wobbling, skeletal hands outstretched, mounted on a truck, leading the procession.  Behind her was the usual parade of costumed chihuahuas and their owners and dozens of Frida-look-a-likes.  It was over in about 10 minutes, then we proceeded home to unpack the groceries and set up the altar.  We had spent the day before mass producing paper marigolds for the purpose. 

Oct 31st- Rapunzel, the devil who was not wearing a red dress (to the disappointment of some), el Santo, and a granny witch met up with scooby-doo and the grim reaper to trick-or-treat.

Nov 1st and 2nd- We light our candles for the departed.   

Nov 3rd- We are off to the International quilt show in Houston.  Once again, I find myself without my camera (I have no excuse this time, if the prints from the disposable come out I will post later meanwhile you can see some of the quilts here ).  It was truly a feast for the eyes.  We spent all day wandering up and down the convention center, gorging ourselves on inspiration and trying to show restraint as we worked our way through the hundreds of vendors stalls.  Here are my spoils:

1. A book detailing the artists, techniques and cultures showcased in the Quilt of Belonging: a beautiful installation quilt, with each block representing the ethnic textile heritage of each of Canada’s aboriginal people’s and every nation in the world.

2. A box of 260 pre-cut squares in 1930s reproduction prints.  As you may have noted, I’m not really a quilter and lord knows I have enough other half-baked projects in my craft corner, but that’s never stopped me yet!

3. A pair of silver earing’s with mounted with tiny coral stones.  Not fiber related at all, but I couldn’t resist.

One of the truly wonderful surprises of the show for me was to discover how many wonderful Japanese quilt artists there are out there.  This led me to subsequently discover these fabulous quilts shown at the International Quilt show in Tokyo: http://flickr.com/photos/movinghands/sets/72157594488104676/show/

Ah, what a week…