Halloween_07_003 Meet the start up sock.  So called because I work on it pretty much exclusively in the mornings at work, while my computer is "starting-up." Just to satisfy my curiosity,  for the second sock I plan to knit exclusively during morning start-up, without skipping days as I do now. How quickly will these little bits of knitting time add up to one sock?

I bought the lovely self-striping yarn with the idea of producing some effortless (well, almost), beautiful and functional socks.  I scoffed at those obsessive knitters who carefully choose which section of the yarn to begin with, who knit and reknit looking for the pattern that best showcases the unique stripeyness of a particular yarn.  I began at the beginning and started knitting the bare bones of the basic sock recipe I learned when I first started knitting.  Then the obsessive knitter in me kicked in "Not sure if the I like the way the stripes are lining up for a small ribbed cuff to transition to stockinette, maybe I’ll extend the ribbing all the way down; maybe I should start again with a wider color band; maybe I should try a different heal turn to have the colors be less blocky; wouldn’t this look cute with a picot edge and eyelet lace pattern down the front?"   So, my apologies to all of you obsessive sock knitters, point taken.  For this round, however, I’m still holding my ground and knitting this as simple as I can.   

Ideas_001 I still have bit more sock yarn in my stash though 🙂  so there’s plenty of opportunity for fancier sock knitting.