Kimono_014_2 I’ve been thoroughly enjoying listening to the Knitpicks Podcast over the last few months.  Kelley Petkun provides fascinating insight into the yarn business, fun book reviews and remarkably clear knitting instruction… I for one never thought I could learn much about a new knitting technique just from listening to a description of how it is done.  She also gives an update every week of how her many projects are coming.  For several weeks she was working on (among other things) 7 baby kimonos for upcoming grandchildren (I’m not sure if there were actually 7 grandchildren or just 7 kimonos).  After a while I was curious, and pulled out my own copy of Mason Dixon Knitting to look at the pattern.  So sweet and simple,I decided to make one for a friend’s preemie newborn.  That was so much fun that I had to make another, for yet another of my-not-so-little one’s friends welcoming a baby sister this week.  I already have a request for another Kimono in a slightly larger size… for my not-so-little-one, who has also  suggested that perhaps I should attend a knitting school… to learn to knit faster 🙂