At last the yarn has debuted at and I can share this knitting project that occupied me for the later part of October and a good deal of November.  Silken Kydd Silkenkydd_paloma2is a luxurious new yarn at   It is soft and lofty, delicate and substantial.  Silk and mohair are spun together to form a fine shimery thread with an incredible halo.  I could not believe how warm this light lacy sweater really is.

The pattern is by Jeanne Atkinson and is from Vogue Knitting Magazine-Holiday 2005.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to knit the sweater in exchange for free yarn.  Lots of free yarn…ah, the bliss…

The yarn is wonderful to work with, the silk and mohair pose a nice counterbalance to each other so that the yarn is neither too slippery, nor does it hopelessly tangle.

I thought the pattern would be a quick knit as it works on relatively large needles, has very simple shaping, and an easy to memorize all over lace pattern.  Alas, the "daisy stitch" lace pattern turned out to be the exact opposite of what I hoped required every moment of my attention. 

One of my new year’s resolutions is to stop knitting anything larger than a sock that requires that I do not lift my eyes off the work.  It took so much effort to knit each stitch that I didn’t even stop for process photos until the blocking stage, if only just to prove that I really did knit the thing. Nevertheless, I think it was worth it. Dscn2881

Now if I could just get through the 2nd sleeve of the "Durrow" pullover.  I had had high hopes of completing the pullover for X-mas.  But seeing as how I will be ripping the whole thing back after working a third of the 2nd sleeve for the third time (yes, sadly I have already completed the sleeve for naught in cummulative knitting time), I’m not holding my breath.