My daughter arrived home from school the other day quietly singing a new song:  "Fill my cup until it odor-flows, fill my cup until it odor-flows, fill my cup until it odor-flows and it odor-flowed with lo-ove…"  At which point I gently suggested that perhaps the song really says "overflows" seeing as how to my knowledge "odor-flow" is not a word.  She considered this momentarily and rejected the idea.  After hearing this verse repeated a couple of times her interpretation grew on me.  I thought of sweet wine, hot chocolate and Christmas cider.  I reveled for a moment reflecting on the thought of receiving life’s abundance through all our senses and after all, what better time of year is there to witness and thankfully acknowledge how fully our cup over odor-flows?

Happy New Year!  May your cups odor-flow for many years to come.

PS: Thank you for the kind comments…what a lovely Christmas gift!