I’ve been making my list and checking it twice, my crafter’s new years resolution list that is. It started like this:

1. Finish current works in progress (w.i.p.s)

*Mystery Shawl 3- low priority…that is until I was invited to a "Winter ball" this weekend.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect place to debut the swan-lake shawl?  Alas, or perhaps fortunately as it will save me needless suffering from trying, there is absolutely no way to complete by tomorrow evening.

* Hubbos sweater- high priority- have re-begun the second sleeve with out incident, have high hopes of finishing soon, as my favorite circular needle will be held hostage until the sleeve is complete.

*Friend’s B-day socks AKA "start-up" socks- High Priority  Complete and in the mail, late (due date Jan 9th receipt) because I did not stick to schedule, but complete.

2. Knit More For Others- current count III

*Family- partially covered above, I got off to a good start in 2007

*knit promised cabled vest -high priority  completed  2/07/08

* Sweaters for new arrivals

*Charity- baby socks etc.

3. Polish my knitting skills- I 

I have chosen to do a study in socks, using Vogue’s Ultimate Sock Book as a point of departure.  Hopefully by the end of this year I will know how to knit from the toe up, how to execute short-row heels, how to knit a sock on two circs, etc!  This may also dovetail nicely with resolution #2 and eliminate my need to Christmas shop next year..or not.  I am going to try and shoot for a pair a month.

4. Take on less overwhelming projects

*See above= new challenges in small packages

5. Crochet an afghan– 2/17/08 this does NOT contradict the resolution above, as long as I stick with a simple pattern yet TBD, but the yarn will be the organic pakucho shown previously (the pakucho one is still pending).

6. Sew a quilt using squares purchased At Houston Quilt show.

* Ignore The Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt on the Sewing Machine until you complete 1st simple quilt, reduce yarn stash and regain sanity..probably a 2009 project.

7. Play with Natural Dyes (before my husband throws away all the onion skins I have stashed in the closet).

8. Spot UFOs (unfinished objects) and bring them back down to earth.  Transform dead-end projects and unrealized yarn-dreams into completable projects, also dovetails with resolution number 4.

At this point, and after wanting to list about 20 projects under every category, I decided I needed more of an overall mission statement.  Knitting Daily has rallied us all to knit fearlessly in 2008 and I’m all for that, but I actually think that was a bit more of a 2007 resolution for me.  This year, perhaps it is to craft wisely.    But more on that another day…