To bolster my spirits as a I slog along on the second sleeve, I’ve decided to review my accomplishments in 2007.   I had hoped to accompany this with an updated photo album (and it is in part).. but I’m afraid I will also have to add this task to my list of wips.

So here it goes, 2007 FO’s (finished objects) a Year in Review:

January: Red Cap for afghans for Afghans

February: 2 pairs of stripey socks for afghans for Afghans

April: crocheted shell top to go with knit-mermaid skirt, Tigerlily tank-top

June: Easy-Breezy raglan-T

August: 7-Chakra Shawl, Baby Yoked Cardigan, Striped Sun Hat, 1st half of MS3, Crocheted Vest for afghans for Afghans, Green Girl’s cardigan, 3 dishcloths

September: Crocheted hat for afghans for Afghan

October: Rogue Pullover, Crocheted slippers

November: 2 Baby Kimonos, Mini-Stocking

December: Silken Kydd Cardigan, also made good progress on Durrow and start-up socks.

That’s: 4 hats, 1 and 1/2 lace shawls, 4 tops (if you can count crocheted shells as a top), 6 sweaters (3 baby sweaters, 1 girls sweater and 2 adult sweaters), 3 dishcloths,  2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of slippers, and a stocking for a total of 22 objects.   Something to keep in mind as I plan for 2008. 

However,  one of the biggest accomplishments for me for 2007 was making peace with frogging (or ripping back) work that wasn’t satisfactory. I spent at least as much time re-knitting this past year as I did "knitting for results" (I had to think for a moment for a polite way to say this, since this is still very much my situation starting off 2008), and I think it both helped me to both find joy in every stitch and also to lead to more pleasing finished results.  It has also led me to rethink the type of projects that make me excited to cast-on for 2008.  Stay tuned…