The main character in the novel (and film) "Like Water for Chocolate" expresses her life through her art in the kitchen, but in her darkest moment she turns to crochet.  She produces an afghan so long it trails behind her as they try to cart her away.   When I read this, I was surprised how easily I could imagine myself in her place, not at that moment per-se but in an alternate despairing world, possibly as an older woman with an afghan too long to fit on any bed trailing behind me.  Perhaps this is part of the reason I’ve shied away from afghans until now.  I made a couple of baby blankets when my daughter was born, but for some reason, this seemed in an entirely different category than the afghan.

Now, of course, no such tragedy or heartbreak has struck my life.  The house simply feels lonely with myself as its sole occupant for this week and the next and the rain pouring down all afternoon.  It seemed like a fine time to work on an afghan (on my new year’s to do list, if you recall).

The yarn is Vanna’s choice by Lionbrand, picked up at a nice sale price earlier this year.  It began in ripple stitch.


But wasn’t quite turning out the way I wanted my afghan to look.  I think it makes a fine scarf.Dsc03663_3

Switching the stitch pattern to Afghan Squared (basically a huge granny square) gave me just what I was looking for.  Here’s what I have so far: