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Colorful schoolwork


A new found hobby, courtesy of a Great-(in both senses of the word) grand-mother.  Note that the fearless five year-old did not hesitate to jump into colorwork.  She was very hesitant about the idea of posting a photo of a work in progress, but relented with the condition that she be the photographer.


Remember the smatterings of yarn we dipped in the Easter Egg dye last year?  I didn’t really either, but figured it was high time I should.

Miscmarch_016_2 And last but not least.. a work in progress from the garden


SocksI present to you a finished pair of socks,  knit in self-striping "ONline" sock yarn in the Sierra color-way.  Seeing the finished product, there is something about them that is, well, just a little bit hideous (the colors in the picture below are more accurate).  Perhaps it is just the season.  I think these socks would look lovely under a brooding sky.  They seem well suited to walk the misty moors; to scale craggy mountain tops; to inch closer to the fire and pull a blanket close around the shoulders.  In accordance with Murphy’s law, or perhaps just my own fickle nature, I completed the socks in just in time for Texas Spring.  I think the socks may be destined for Afghanistan.

In the meantime, I learned how to make a short-row heal.  The right way (on the right) and the wrong way (on the left, with all the holes before I seemed them shut.Socks_004

Cardi_swatch_3A crochet swatch that is thinking of becoming a yoked cardigan.  It has not entirely convinced me yet.  The yoke pattern is from Lionbrand. The yarn is’s Adara.


The embroidery on this apron has been finished for over year, but I just finished the border and ties yesterday  I didn’t use any darts, so it wrinkles a bit.  There is something about machine sewing that begs procrastination for me.  I think it is the fact that it demands that I set aside both space and time.   I can’t just pull out the sewing machine on a park bench, or  look up at movie or my daughter’s newest dance moves between stitches (though perhaps with strategic placement of the machine and more practice, this could be arranged). 

This project was born of my daughter’s inspired observation last year in Mexico, that the traditional embroidered tortilla napkin would make a wonderful apron.  She chose the Asian hello kitty motif, I chose to do modified red-work and edge with a 30s print instead of the more traditional crocheted edging (to save time, LOL).

Before launching on superstitious tangeants, there was knitting (and crochet).   I did a bit of both while in Mexico, but did not get the camera back until earlier this week.

Sma_pictures_018_2Here is the work on a white cabled vest for my sister (still waiting on a picture of the FO from the recipient).  You will note the fine workmanship my sister-in-law graced on my nails (alas, the picture’s a bit blurry).   

Hatarmwarmers_2 My other sister kindly presented me with two skeins of variagated yarn, and the proposal that we make eachother something with it by the end of the week.  She requested armwarmers.  This was my opportunity to try the magic loop method (knitting in the round on one cirular needle) while she whipped up a crochet hat.  We were both pleased with the result.

I like the magic loop method and would use it again, especially when caught without drop-needles but don’t expect to be converting entirely to circulars anytime soon.

PS: There are some new additions to the FO gallery as well, (both in 2007 and 2008).