Before launching on superstitious tangeants, there was knitting (and crochet).   I did a bit of both while in Mexico, but did not get the camera back until earlier this week.

Sma_pictures_018_2Here is the work on a white cabled vest for my sister (still waiting on a picture of the FO from the recipient).  You will note the fine workmanship my sister-in-law graced on my nails (alas, the picture’s a bit blurry).   

Hatarmwarmers_2 My other sister kindly presented me with two skeins of variagated yarn, and the proposal that we make eachother something with it by the end of the week.  She requested armwarmers.  This was my opportunity to try the magic loop method (knitting in the round on one cirular needle) while she whipped up a crochet hat.  We were both pleased with the result.

I like the magic loop method and would use it again, especially when caught without drop-needles but don’t expect to be converting entirely to circulars anytime soon.

PS: There are some new additions to the FO gallery as well, (both in 2007 and 2008).