Cardi_swatch_3A crochet swatch that is thinking of becoming a yoked cardigan.  It has not entirely convinced me yet.  The yoke pattern is from Lionbrand. The yarn is’s Adara.


The embroidery on this apron has been finished for over year, but I just finished the border and ties yesterday  I didn’t use any darts, so it wrinkles a bit.  There is something about machine sewing that begs procrastination for me.  I think it is the fact that it demands that I set aside both space and time.   I can’t just pull out the sewing machine on a park bench, or  look up at movie or my daughter’s newest dance moves between stitches (though perhaps with strategic placement of the machine and more practice, this could be arranged). 

This project was born of my daughter’s inspired observation last year in Mexico, that the traditional embroidered tortilla napkin would make a wonderful apron.  She chose the Asian hello kitty motif, I chose to do modified red-work and edge with a 30s print instead of the more traditional crocheted edging (to save time, LOL).