SocksI present to you a finished pair of socks,  knit in self-striping "ONline" sock yarn in the Sierra color-way.  Seeing the finished product, there is something about them that is, well, just a little bit hideous (the colors in the picture below are more accurate).  Perhaps it is just the season.  I think these socks would look lovely under a brooding sky.  They seem well suited to walk the misty moors; to scale craggy mountain tops; to inch closer to the fire and pull a blanket close around the shoulders.  In accordance with Murphy’s law, or perhaps just my own fickle nature, I completed the socks in just in time for Texas Spring.  I think the socks may be destined for Afghanistan.

In the meantime, I learned how to make a short-row heal.  The right way (on the right) and the wrong way (on the left, with all the holes before I seemed them shut.Socks_004