There are many reasons people knit (or crochet) female anatomy:

– For educational purposes:Ta011

Some midwives use knit and crocheted uteri to demonstrate concepts of dilation etc.  These can be purchased here.  A free pattern is given here.

Mom_phptos_2008_025 Breastfeeding organizations find knit breasts helpful in teaching new Moms proper lactation techniques.  There’s actually a lot on this on the web, but one such article (with a pattern link) can be found here.

– For charity and comfort during hard times:

TitbitsbeautyThis prosthetic breast pattern appeared in the Fall 2005 Issue of Knitty. Designed by a breast-cancer survivor who sells already knit versions here, the pattern has inspired knitters across the country to knit these more fashionable and cozier versions of the standard breast prosthetic for their less fortunate sisters.

– To showcase our (pro)creative powers:

(these activists suggest piling knit uteri on the White house steps)

– To endear us to the beauty and mystery of our anatomy:

Wombalt Knit Uterus pattern featured in Knitty Winter Issue of 2004.Il_430xn_25195094_5

–Because we can…

This pillow pattern is for sale on anslybleu’s etsy shop


My mother, a midwife, who will be lecturing at Yale next week (just had to throw that in) sent me this photo of a soft and voluptuous crocheted birthing doll with newborn attached by the umbilical cord alongside a plastic Barbie doll with baby emerging from her stomach; both visual aids to an interview appearing in Midwifery Today.  My mother’s note in the margin read:  "What do you think? a new knitting challenge?"  I can’t say that it is particularly new, in fact, crafting likenesses of the female form is certainly one of the oldest of art forms, but am I up to the challenge?  Absolutely.  After all, it is for educational purposes.