Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I made you a sweater.  And in the true spirit of hand-crafted mother’s day gifts there are a couple of things about it that are a little off.  Here it is: Cbirthdoll_037_3

I know it would be better if it were there, but it will get there eventually. Meanwhile, I’m not sure if it needs some tweaking first.  It was supposed to look like this:

Lush_cardigan_150 But I thought the ruffles on the sleeve were a little odd and over-the-top. I’m having a little trouble getting the buttons to lie as well and provide as much closure as they do in the picture lying relatively flat.  I know there is a bit of peak-a-boo space in the original as well, but am not sure if the whole double button thing is working.  Maybe I should stick with buttons on one side and have them go all the way down?  Cbirthdoll_022_4I love the lace flowing out of the pockets, and on the Cbirthdoll_023_2back and on down the sleeves. But there is something a little shrunken about the whole thing that worries me a little (even though I knit the size large, but large in L.A. may be a relative term)  This may the sort of cardigan that is mostly worn open.  Or lovingly stored in the closet as a momento of my affection.  That’s OK too.  I promise to send the needlework birthing doll (and knit uterus) soon. Much love, Mom Jr.