Been highly skeptical of the idea of "sleeves" (also known as boleros and shrugs) as their own independent garment for years.  After all, if you need/want sleeves, isn't it quite likely that you need/want to cover the rest of your upper body as well?

I always thought so.  Until I moved to Texas and took a job with a dress code and air conditioning.  Suddenly this bolero pattern(a small holey rectangle stitched up at the ends to form armholes) seemed like the answer to my current fashion dilemma of how to gracefully transition from hot to cool/office to ROW (rest of world). 

I immediately cast on using only yarn from stash, hence the two toned pachuko cotton.  Sleeves do have a function!  That said, I haven't worn mine outside the house yet.  I still haven't fully stilled the voice in my head shouting that the emperor has no clothes: "That cardigan is missing a front and lower half!"