This is what my smarter inner knitter has been telling me all week.  You see, I impulsively signed up for Hat Attack 2, in which knitters all over the world register to receivea hat pattern released via the Internet at a predetermined time, which we will then try and madly knit, complete and mail to our assigned victim, thereby killing them before we receive one of the hats from another knitter in the chain.  The practically minded knitter in me said this was utter foolishness, I would be dead before I knew it, had no business adding new items to my knitting queue (especially new items for people I do not know) and had I forgotten that I'm supposed to be on a yarn-diet?  Not to mention the required gauge: 6.5 stitches per inch in worsted weight yarn.  No way.

But I didn't listen. I would work with yarn from my stash, I reasoned.  A hat would only take a couple days at most.  It would be fun.  I would simply use smaller needles.  Well, as it turns out the wool I had intended to use didn't work at all, in fact I didn't have anything suitable to achieve gauge. The closest I could come was with some dishcloth cotton and leftover Shine cotton from knitpicks.  Felt a little bit guilty about using cotton when the recommended yarn had silk and Jade in it (yes, like the stone, how cool is that?)  but persisted.  I didn't really like the pattern.  Not very pretty in my eyes and kind of a pain to work.  Not hard, but you do have to pay attention.  Still I slogged on.  Completed a repeat a day. 

By the third day, I kind of wished I were dead (I mean, that my assassin had finished and sent me my hat already so I could send it on to someone else to finish) but it didn't seem quite right to foist it off on someone else so I slogged along.  It then became clear that I was going to run out of yarn before finishing.  What to do?  Order more?  I'm supposed to be destashing not ordering more yarn!  Besides the fact that despite my attempts to convince myself otherwise, my gauge is still off: 6 st per inch instead of 6.5 and I've made a mistake about 20 rows down; I added an extra round of color "B".  So it's clearly a misfire anyway.  I check the mail again.  Maybe I should just order the fancy silk/jade yarn and have it sent directly to my assassin's house to start fresh with.  No luck.  I'm still not dead and tomorrow's Sunday so there will definitely be no mail. 

So what do do?  In my mind I can either:

 A.) order more of the knitpicks stuff, and continue merrily on hoping no one will notice the gauge is off and the stripe mistake. 

B) order more knitpicks stuff, rip the whole thing out and start again with size 4(?!) needles.

C.) acknowledgedge that this could make a lovely dishrag or burp cloth if cut in half, (or even leave as a tube for double thickness)find some new more suitable yarn and see how much I can accomplish before being killed. 

And the winner is:  c) it will make a most lovely dishrag/washcloth/potholder/burp cloth indeed.