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  Knits 001                                                           

My death hat finally arrived!  I think it's lovely.  There was no note and no name by the return address so I can't tell if it is from my original assassin or not.  The Peruvian Knit muertitos are from a local import shop. 

Interestingly, after receiving the address for my new target from her original assassin, I discovered that my new target had dropped out of the game early on so now the hat from substitute assassin #4 (that's me) is going to a substitute target!  Been an interesting journey, but I'm still glad to be done.

So now that my conscious is clear to move on to knitting other things… I've begun work on a sweater to keep my growing belly warm in the Winter and snuggle my little one in in the Spring.  Knits 002 

So far, I'm about 2/3 done with the back.

The desired final result should somewhat resemble this:StarskyALT  Starskyfeatured in Knitty Winter of 2005.



My not-so-little-one just had a birthday.  She designed her cake, hand-drew all her party invitations…


and requested a pink crocheted bunny for her birthday.


Meanwhile, we've been preparing for the little one too.  I knit up another variation of the one-piece-kimono, and crocheted some cowboy booties in organic cotton for our little Texan.  The lovely handsewn quilt was a recent thriftshop find.  DSCN3926  

Note: If you are thinking that the wardrobe choices are indicative of a "boy" please imagine for a moment the addition of a prairie skirt and some daisies for her hair.    We won't know sex until the day of birth but that won't stop me from knitting.

Dear Victim,

I regret to inform you that your original assassin was no longer able to continue in HA for personal reasons and sent her hat on to her assassin, who due to the deft work of my 1st victim, was not able to even begin work on the 2nd hat.   My hat found its way to my first victim just as she was finishing her victim's unfinished hat and so the lovely autumny yarn chosen by your original assassin arrived at my door in the form of half a hat, which regretably, was much too big.  Several days later…your hat is fit to kill.  Your days are numbered.  Prepare to die.

Best Wishes,

Substitute assassin #3

PS: Could you please send me your address?



DSCN3879Actually finished and sent off my hat over a week ago.  My "victim" already "killed" her victim so my hat no longer has deadly weapon potential, which is just as well really.  Just noticed a special notice about how not wrapping floats every row is a clear "misfire," which means that since I haven't received my hat yet, my victim could decide to send mine back to me to reknit and by official rules I would have to do it.  I'm hoping she is not that cruel, since she is safe and I think it is otherwise a perfectly fine hat.  You'll note I still ended up substituting yarn since my LYS doesn't carry SWT co. yarns.   I found myself gravitating towards more muted non-colors to emphasize the almost tweedy-woven texture in the pattern rather than the bright colors the original yarn comes in but there you have it.  Time to move on to other projects.