DSCN3879Actually finished and sent off my hat over a week ago.  My "victim" already "killed" her victim so my hat no longer has deadly weapon potential, which is just as well really.  Just noticed a special notice about how not wrapping floats every row is a clear "misfire," which means that since I haven't received my hat yet, my victim could decide to send mine back to me to reknit and by official rules I would have to do it.  I'm hoping she is not that cruel, since she is safe and I think it is otherwise a perfectly fine hat.  You'll note I still ended up substituting yarn since my LYS doesn't carry SWT co. yarns.   I found myself gravitating towards more muted non-colors to emphasize the almost tweedy-woven texture in the pattern rather than the bright colors the original yarn comes in but there you have it.  Time to move on to other projects.