Knits 001                                                           

My death hat finally arrived!  I think it's lovely.  There was no note and no name by the return address so I can't tell if it is from my original assassin or not.  The Peruvian Knit muertitos are from a local import shop. 

Interestingly, after receiving the address for my new target from her original assassin, I discovered that my new target had dropped out of the game early on so now the hat from substitute assassin #4 (that's me) is going to a substitute target!  Been an interesting journey, but I'm still glad to be done.

So now that my conscious is clear to move on to knitting other things… I've begun work on a sweater to keep my growing belly warm in the Winter and snuggle my little one in in the Spring.  Knits 002 

So far, I'm about 2/3 done with the back.

The desired final result should somewhat resemble this:StarskyALT  Starskyfeatured in Knitty Winter of 2005.