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 The Durrow Sweater is finally finished.  I can scarcely believe it and these horrible pictures don’t really do much to help the reality sink in.  Done.  At last!

 I had expected this to be a long slow but steady project, but it really unfolded in fits and starts.  I was either in synch with the project, or not.  I was so close to being finished in Dec of 2007 with only half a sleeve to go (there’s a better picture there too), but that 1/2 sleeve taunted me all of 2008 refusing to knit into anything coherent until it all clicked again in 09.  Go figure.

 Knit as written by the talented Jodi Green, with the exception of modifying the scoop neck to a v-neck and slightly lengthening the sleeves. 

She drew inspiration for the pattern on the sleeve from the border pattern from the book of Durrow folio 21.    The book of Durrow is a 7th century illustrated Gospel, possibly the earliest complete gospel book from Ireland or England (so says wikipedia) and is currently housed in Trinity Library in Dublin.  The figure in the center of Folio 21 is Matthew.


 A Christmas gift for my Mom who challenged me to make one for her last Spring (see April 2009 post).  I subsequently found this wonderful crochet pattern by cozycoleman  available on and proceeded to put off making it until I was pregnant myself and started thinking about Christmas presents.  Mama and baby are made from sundry yarn from the stash, except for the skin tone yarn which is Red Heart Eco-Ways acrylic yarn made with recycled plastic.  It was actually quite soft and pleasant to work with and has a nice sheen. 

The pattern comes with instructions for crocheting anatomically correct mama, baby, placenta and a vest and granny square pants outfit.  I chose to make my own clothing and accessories for mama to relax in before and after the birth:  a cuddly robe and feminine comfy and breastfeeding-friendly jersey jamies with a crocheted edge (from a remnant of some stretch pants my daughter long outgrew,) a mug of hot chocolate, and a baby blanket.   My mother loved it all.

  more pictures on ravelry.



I wasn't planning on making many hand-crafted gifts for Xmas this year (er… that is last year), but as luck would have it, several came together quite nicely.  I finished this bag in the summer and managed to line it in time for xmas gifting.  Unfortunately you can't really see the lining here, but you can imagine a cute green and blue cotton print on an off-white background.


Gma models sweater_editedYou'll recongnize this one, but I think the model ( my grandmother) really brings it to life.  I should have known she would have lipstick in the exact shade to match the sweater.

 After seeing the quick knit patterns for Biojouterie from, I couldn't help but whip some off for my sisters.  Managed to get a photo of one sister modeling hers, but somehow neglected to photograph the other, her pair was essentially the same as the one shown in the Knitty photo on the right, but with whiter pearls. 

Mom Xmas 039  BijouterieALT_edited